Herder Log: A proper trade

Lounge (#10777)
A comfortable place, designed to give the herders a place to hang out and do whatever, the lounge is obviously decorated more for comfort than style. Sofas and chairs are scattered haphazardly across the room, and interspersed with the occasional table. A smallish table has taken up residence near the room's only fireplace, and is inhabited by an always present pot of klah, and partnered with a tray of rolls. 'Bookcases' line the walls, interrupted by the occasional window, and stuffed nearly to overflowing with various books and scrolls.
This place is neat and clean, the work of busy Apprentices.
Perched on the mantle are six firelizards.
You see Regal, Bodi, York, Breeze, Danko, and Ralin here.
Lothar and Damine are here.
Obvious exits:
Staff Office Apprentice Dorms Stairs Rooms

Lothar slips over towards the klah, turning towards Damine, "Would you like me to get you anything?" he inquires as he fixes himself a mug of klah..

Dalaynia wonders in from her room, she looks a little tired, but no more so then usual. Her hands are extremely clean, but the rest of her looks like she's spent the night in a stall. What with the bits of hay in her hair and all. She seems of one single mind as she makes her way to the klah, not really noticing anyone.. yet.

Damine strides over - or is that slowly getting to be waddle? - from her office door, not sitting down in a chair quite yet. "Juice would be fine, dear." And of /course/ she's used to calling him that by now.

Lothar nods to Damine as he gets her a glass of juice, stepping out of the way for Dally to get at the klah, not realizing just yet who it is as he moves to hand Damine her juice and help her to a seat, then he pauses and blinks as his eyes cross the room to Dally, but he choses to ignore her for the moment, maybe she'll just pass through..

Dalaynia isn't just passing through, nope she's here to stay, at least for the moment. She turns just at the moment that Lothy is helping Damine sit, a mug of klah in her hands. She blinks a moment as she looks at the two of them.

Damine smiles happily, her attention span completely passing over Dala as she gets helped down to a seat, her stomach quite expanded from what it should normally be. Go figure, she'll just look over other things, her runner gave birth, and she's looking forward to getting this kid out of /her/ stomach as well. "What were you looking at hon?" Is asked as she notices his eyes flicker.

Lothar glances once again over at Dally before he answers Damine, "Just Dalaynia getting some klah," he responds simply as he takes a sip of his klah and sits down beside Damine..

Dalaynia is silent as she listens to Lothar and watches him sit. Her eyes go to Damine and her eyes widen a little as she looks at her blossoming stomach and the mug drops from her hand. It tumbles to the floor as she takes a bit of a step back. "Just Dalaynia?" she asks in a soft voice as her eyes go back to Lothar. "/Just/ Dalaynia?" she reiterates, her voice getting a little sharper.

Damine's mouth forms a small 'oh' shape without actually saying anything. It's 'just Dala getting some klah.' Nothing special nope. Not his wife. Nope. One hand is raised in a friendly guesture towards Dala, her wrist giving a flick in a wave. "Hey, it's been a long time, Dala!" As Dala's mug drops, her brows crease as she promptly turns on Lothar, mood swing ahoy. "What'd you do to her hon? She seems a little… disturbed." Ten points to the pregnant woman for forgetting obvious facts!

Lothar jumps from the voice, sitting his klah mug off to the side as he turns towards Dalaynia, "I didn't mean it like that, just.." he trails off and glances from Dally to Dami and back, "Yes, how have you been doing Dally, he stands to move toward her mug, "Would you like me to get you some more Klah?" he offers as he goes for a new mug and starts to fill it..

Dalaynia steps back a bit as she shakes her head "No.. I don't want any more klah." she remarks almost with confusion in her voice. She looks at Damine and then back at Lothy. "You two look nice and cozy together." she notes after a moment. "Damine, you didn't tell me you were expecting." she says and then asks, all to softly and pleasantly "Who's the lucky father?:

Damine smiles pleasantly, still thinking that absolutely nothing is wrong. Ah, the blissful state of ignorance. "Well I haven't seen you in so long, I wasn't able to tell you that me and Lothar are expecting." Now, see, this is when Lothar should be running for cover. "How have you been, Dala?" Comes the following question.

Lothar stands there holding the mug of klah that Dally doesn't want, so he takes a sip of it and just stands there off to the side letting the conversation flow around him as he hopes a mess doesn't grow out of this, but he knows he's in for it so his main goal is to find a way around or atleast out of it.. He takes a few steps out of Dally's reach and quickly drains the klah mug sitting it outta the way as he looks around for his escape routes like a good adulterist(sp?)..

Dalaynia steps back a little further, but no more as she comes up to the counter. "You and Lothar?" she asks and then her eyes narrow as she turns to take a step towards Lothar, her eyes flashing. "And just when were you going to tell me this, dear husband." she asks her voice sharp. She pauses about midway to him however and then turns away. "I shouldn't be surprised, should I? After all you did it to Lesana, didn't you. BUt you wern't fasted to her, so maybe thats why I'm surprised."

Damine's attention is brought up straight by Dalaynia's choice of words, her own eyes narrowing. And of course, one has to allow Damine the fact she /wanted/ to forget Lothar had a wife. "You have a /wife/ and you still went through with this?" Hiss. "Why didn't you /tell/ me about her? My own /Mentor/!" Double Hiss. And of course you take it out on the father.

Lothar starts to try to explain himself but thinks against it as he doesn't want to dig his grave much deeper, he turns to Damine, "I /did/ tell you about her," he fondly remembers the sevenday he spend in his cold, empty room, he turns back to Dally, "I was intending to tell you, but.. I could never find you alone to tell you…

Dalaynia sighs deely as she walks over to a chair and just sort of collapses into it. "And what about Darmalo? Did you think of your son at all? He worships the ground you walk upon. How could you do this to him? How could you!?" she cries and places her face in her hands "What am I to tell him? That his daddy doesn't care anymore, doesn'yt even care enoughh to say he's left us?"

Damine's mouth opens to reply with some retort as to when he told her that he was 'fasted, but soon just hangs open before shutting, a slightly confused look on her face as she tries to sort it through in her head, the accusing finger still pointed towards Lothar, but paused in the air. But then Dala speaks up and Damine seems to turn her wrath on both. "Oh smooth Lothar! A son too, with another on the way? And what did I hear about doing this to another?" And at that she snorts. "Maybe I should just.. just.. throw you out!" Yes.. and as to how a woman in her condition will /do/ that she doesn't know. But then she turns to Dala. "Why didn't you keep closer tabs on your husband?" Is half-snapped, half-asked. She's not meaning to be cross with her mentor, really.

"I do still care about him," Lothar assures her, "And I still want to be involved and watch him grow up… But," he glances over at Damine and loses his words as he takes a step back, listening to the argument turn from him for the moment..

Dalaynia turns on Damine, up until now, she's left her out if it. "Oh sure, blame me now. How could you forget we were fasted? You! my own mentee, shoot the whole hall knew were fasted, most of the hall turned out for thw fasting!" She turns back to Lothy "Yeah, right you want to be invovlev, you're hardly ever come by to see him, he looks forward to the few times he gets to see you. YOu should have heard him go on and on when you two went for a ride. That made him so happy." She gives a bit of a sniff as tears roll down her eyes. "I thought you cared.. I really did. Now I know I was just fooling myself. No wonder you were always gone, you were playing me for a dupe this whole time."

Damine snorts, placing her hands on her hips as she still sits, looking at Dala. "Well excuse me for the lapse in memory, my dear mentor! I was away from the Hall so long and piled under so much work I guess I couldn't tell left from right!" Now Dami's starting to get a little more furious, narrowed eyes sliding towards Lothar. "And if that's what you're going to be like to our - no /my/ - child, I swear I'll spread such ugly rumors about you, every woman on Pern will know what you are!" Isn't that going a little too far?

Lothar's halfway across the room towards the stairs, which brings him right beside Damine, "I don't wish to leave Darmalo our /our/ child out of my life, I have enough love for both of them," he turns to Dally, "I do still care for you, really I do, but," he glances towards Damine and sighs..

Dalaynia eyes Damine "You can have him, I don't care anymore, he's done it to me, he did it to Lesana and his daughter Andesine, Faranth knows who else he's done it too." she says as her eyes flash back to Lothar "How many kids do you have lying around Lothar?" she snaps and sniffs at the same time. "At least Andes was just a baby at the time, but darmalo is older, and how old will your new child be, before you leave them as well?

Lothar looks up at Dally, "I have two children, and one on the way, that is all," he responds seriously as he glances to Damine, "Trust me, I won't leave you like it sounds like I will, I was young during those days, but things have changed and I'm older, I want to settle down and give my attention to all my children," he looks over to Dally, "Darmalo included.."

Having half a mind to heave herself out of her seat and drag Lothar away for one of the longest scoldings, Damine convinces herself out of that, passing it for too much work to heave herself out of the chair. As Lothar protests, her anger wavers before firming again. "You want to settle down now, do you? "Well why not settle down with your /true/ wife? I was doing fine without you, and.. I-I can again!" But she doesn't really sound to sure of that, after all, some of the days spent in the office were devoted to work. The both of them.

Dalaynia is silent now, no longer raving, though the tears still fall down her face. "It's no use Damine, if he cared enough to stay with me, he wouldn't have left me." she sighs softly as she looks up at Lothar "It's your respnsibility to talk to your son about this, I will not live a lie. He needs to know, and he needs to hear it from you." she shakes her head a bit. "I guess I can see it as some consolation that my son has not lost his father. But I've lost a husband. Everyone gets somethign out of this I suppose, but me. but isn't that always the case? Left in the cold to be unloved and forgotten. Though I do at least have Darmalo, loving child that he is."

Lothar shakes his head, "I don't want to leave you Damine, I want to settle down with you," he responds, "If you ask me to leave then I will, but otherwise I want to remain with you and help you raise our child," he nods to Dally, "Very well, I shall tell him myself, I see no problem in that.. And he does deserve to hear it from me…"

Damine's lips tug into a frown at Dala's words, her temper still fuming, but more over at Lothar rather than Dalaynia. "You deserve something else that'll love you. And I know you treat your runners good." And now her brows furrow only slightly, almost pointidly ignoring Lothar. "How about Wildfire's new colt? You can officially own him now, but take him when he doesn't need his mother anymore." At least its something in return. As Lothar speaks she looks at him glaring, but not responding as she seems to think it over. Very slowly.

Dalaynia glances over at Damine, her eyes softening, she really can't be mad at her dear mentee, it's not really all her fault after all. "You would do that?" she asks softly as she wipes at the tears a bit "You would give him up? Though I do promise to care for him, and I woudn't deprive him of his dam. No I don't believe in depriving children of their parents." she notes softly. "Thank you Damine, I do thank you." she sighs softly "And I wish you the best, I really do. And I guess I wish you better luck with him."

Damine speaks up, after having given the idea of Lothar staying a little bit of thought. Probably very minimal thought with the way she's feeling right now. "What would they think of me? 'Fasting a man who's allready 'fasted to another woman? They'd call me a man stealer, and even worse of you probably. And I don't think I want my child growing up near that talk…" But then she pauses and her anger just disappears for a few moments, a smile almost appearing. "But then…" And she leaves that trailing before her anger comes back. Slightly. "Just let me think about it. You're in fairly hot water." And then her attention turns to Dala, her mood softening. Hey, she's probably spent enough time around Dala earlier to pick up some habits and bonds. "I would do that. He's yours when you want him."

Lothar has taken this chance to slip out the door and down the stairs to let things cool down for a while..

Dalaynia shakes her head softly "As of this day, I am no longer fasted to Lothar. He is no longer my husband. I'll get a harper if nessacary." she quirks a little grin though "Imagine me, trading a husband for a runner." she remarks softly and just shakes her head. "At least I know he won't go off and cheat on me."

Damine's anger dies down considerably as she speaks to Dala, actually giggling at this time. "Mmmm. There's a funny thought." And the woman giggles again. Mood swings, oy. "I imagine that I'll be putting a leash on that man. Truthfully. And I would believe runners could be more faithful. You feed them. They look to you, not many - if any - others!"

Dalaynia laughs softly "Though I must say I got the better end of the bargain." she notes with a wry grin and shakes her head. She looks around for Lothar and then frowns "Maybe you should have already had a leash on him…"

Damine blinks at Dalaynia, twisting in her seat to look around the room, her anger rising like boiling water. "Where did that sharding man go? I swear if he ran off to some /other/ woman he'll be strung and hung out for the wherries to pick at!" Though he might end up that way anyhow.

Dalaynia laughs softly "Perhaps you are better for him, you'll at least be after him now, to keep him on the right track, and who knows he might just settle down." she sighs a bit though "I just know this is going to hurt Darmalo though."

Damine sighs as she sinks back into her seat, fuming still, as she's bound to be for awhile yet. "I think we should both string that man out in the forest for animals to pick at. He deserves it." Then she pauses. "Tell you what. When this boy… girl…" She pauses, "/child/ is born, Darmalo can come visit and play just like family." Well won't they be half siblings anyways?

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