Herder Log: Damria and Sarrol

Damria is in the breeding pastures checking on Cinder's Flame and her little one, Cinder's Star. She has Cinder on a lead rope and is walking her in a circle, checking her out after her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of Star.

Sarrol makes her way along the pastures. She spots Damria and waves. "Hello!" she says, slowly walking towards Damria and smiling at the runner she has on a lead rope.

Damria looks up and smiles "Hey, hello" before her attention turns back to Cinder. "Looks good, doesn't she?"

Sarrol nods and says, "Yes she does. What's her name?" She grins and looks at all the other runners in the fields briefly before turning back to Damria and her runner. Sarr just loves all this herder stuff!

Damria grins.. Someone to listen to her. "Cinder's Flame, and the little one following her is Cinder's Star. Just 10 days old too."

Sarrol awws and smiles, "How cute! I love the little ones. They're fun to watch." She watches the runners intently and says, "When would an apprentice be able to get her own runner?" A mischievous sparkle is seen in Sarr's eye….who knows why though…

Damria shrugs. "Dunno. I hear that you can't buy a runner till you're a senior apprentice. I had Cinder before I joined the craft and well…. Master Dala bred her and so… I've Star." Nice evasive action there….

Sarrol ohs and looks down thoughtfully. With the way Sarr's been getting classes and whatnot she won't be a Senior Appy for quite awhile. Oh well. She at least cleans up around the stables to earn her keep. "Well, maybe one day I'll get a runner as nice as yours," she smiles.

Damria smiles over at Sarrol "Well, Cinder's a showcase runner as is her foal. Showcase is what my mother specializes in. What's your specialty?" Now, of course, if she were scheming enough… and she is, maybe she could find a way of getting Sarrol her very own runner. Unfortunately, the very trees have ears.

Sarrol smiles and says, "Well, I specialize in runners but I don't know much more than that. What types are there besides Showcase?" Sarr's not to good on specifics. She just knows general stuff. Maybe if she had those runner classes Lothy promised her then she'd be better off…

Damria grins over at Sarrol. "Well, racing runners. Igen Arabians, and um, there're the draft runners. Big big runners. Don't want one to step on your foot, um…. Sprinters… " Hey, nobody ever gave her the names of them all, just hers.

Sarrol smiles, "Well maybe I'd like to specialize in the sprinters…I think those might be fun." Sarr has always liked going fast…whether it be runner or wagon attached to a runner.

Damria chuckles. "Like racing do you?" she asks, turning to face Sarrol.

Sarrol nods and says, "I was thinking of borrowing a friend's runner for awhile if a race ever came up." That friend would happen to be a Trader who excersises her runners all the time. So it would be okay then…hopefully.

Damria grins. "Well, I've a runner that I race occassionally." She turns back to Cinder, then snaps the lead off her bridle. "Wanna see?"

Sarrol nods and smiles, "I'd love to!" Sarr loves watching runners in whatever they do.

Damria grins. "Let's go to the stables. I'll get Spirit's Folly out and maybe one of the others…We can ride over to the racetrack if you'd like."

Sarrol ooos and says, "That'd be wonderful!" She's never really been offered a chance like this before!

Damria grins and wraps the lead rope around her waist. "Race you to the stables then." Course, she expect Sarrol to win, her being lots younger and smaller than Sarrol, but exercise can be fun.

Sarrol laughs and does just that, running towards the stables quickly…

Damria is panting when she reaches the stables, but with a few good breaths goes to one stall and snaps on a lead to Cherry Snap and ties her to a post. Going to another stall, she snaps a lead onto Spirit's Folly and leads him out to tie him to a post. "Okay, This one is Cherry Snap. Can you ride without a saddle? or shall I saddle and bridle her?" she asks as she moves over to Spirit's Folly. "And this one is my racing runner. Whatcha think?"

Sarrol beams as she looks over Spirit's Folly, "Beautiful. I think I had better ride with a saddle." She's not quite used to bareback riding yet…

Damria nods … "Gotcha." she says as she efficiently goes about putting first saddle on Cherry Snap, then bridle. Now, the saddle is pretty heavy, but she heaves it up there anyway. On hindsight, she should have had Sarrol do it. With saddle tightened a second time… no tricks Cherry… she bridles and saddles Spirit's Folly. "Okay, you do ride, right?" She's not gonna let any of her runners to any newcomers who can't sit a saddle.

Sarrol nods, "Yup! I can't do any fancy tricks, but I stick in the saddle alright." She grins, remembering a race she had once when she was about 14. It was fun to see the looks on some of the boys' faces when she'd won…though their runners weren't the best bred in the hold.

Damria nods and then with a grin hands over Cherry Snap's reins. "Then you can ride Cherry Snap and I'll ride Spirit's Folly. I'll race you once we get to the racetrack, though I have to admit. Spirit here is fast." In other words… Cherry Snap hasn't got a chance against her.

Sarrol grins and takes the reins happily. "I'll try to keep up," she says, smiling as she mounts.

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