A Minor Setback

Main Hall
A cavern originally carved out of rock, the main hall has been carefully enlarged outwards, using slate, to make the extension Threadproof and sturdy. A few deep-set windows look out on the courtyard, allowing light in. The rest of the main hall is lit by suspended glowbaskets, a system of pulleys to provide easy changing. A few comfortable looking chairs are scattered around one side, a sharp contrast to the other side, which is clearly a reception area for guests, with a desk and several more formal chairs in a neat and tidy arrangement.
This place is neat and clean, the work of busy Apprentices.
Hyotan is here.
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The squeak and rattle of the glowbasket pulleys sounds awfully loud with most of the Herders out and about doing Herder stuff. Hyotan, as per the choreboard, seems to be changing the lights as part of the final bits of cleaning the hall. He's taking his sweet time about it, though, with a daydreamy expression as he stares up into the depths of the cavern.

Rhaenyra stumbles in, looking surprisingly tired/sleepy considering that it's already midmorning. The young journeyman moves towards the desk— her desk!— with motions that are remniscent of robotics… if Pern had robotics. "Need… klah…" the typically composed young woman states, half-collapsing into the chair behind the reception desk. As the glows rearrange themselves, shining into her eyes a bit brighter than she would prefer, she shades a hand and shoots a glare. "Whoever you are, controlling the glows, please hurry it up," she calls out, Fortian accent a bit hoarse.

Maitea walks in from the Lounge.

Hyotan practically jumps when Rhaenyra's voice reaches him, tugging too hard on the glowrope and causing the baskets to swing wildly on their harness. One threatens to tip over completely, but he can't reach it to straighten it without dropping them all. "Y-yes ma'am!" He's practically vibrating with the urge to do what she wants, and yet can't seem to figure out a way to steady the process.

Rhaenyra closes her eyes and leans back in her chair. A look of ill-sufferance passes over her features, once, and then that fades into grim resolution. She shuffles back to her feet and manages to make it over to where Hyo's at. "Remind me to never allow the masters to ever have all-night meetings ever again," she states, matter-of-fact; the circles under her eyes say it louder than words ever could. She demonstrates the proper way to belay the lower line and draw the top line in, slowly but steadily.

Rofocale walks in from the Lounge.

Maitea comes down the hall, skipping a couple steps accidently as she goes. There's a bucket of wash water in her hands. Sure, it's got a lid on it, but it's dripping a little anyways. She doesn't quite notice whats going on in the hall as she is trying to watch her step.

"Yes ma'am," repeats Hyotan dutifully. No disguising the admiration he shows while watching her deftly maneuver the glowlines; nodding repeatedly, he actually mimics her actions with a phantom rope of her own. The baskets are quickly set to rights with four pairs of hands helping. "Thank you, ma'am." There's a pause and then Hyo can't stop from asking, "Have you ever been on a ship, ma'am?"

Rofocale emerges from the kennels, carrying an open-topped but solid wooden crate with both hands. She's focused on what's in the crate, not entirely watching where she's going either before … whoops! She nearly knocks into Maitea. "Watch it, you!" she snaps, as if she had been paying attention the whole time.

Rhaenyra casts her weary gaze to Hyotan, then; she deftly switches the ready-to-change glowbaskets with the used ones, and rolls to the next one. "I think you can take it from here," she states, tone droll, belaying the line and sitting back on her heels. An eyebrow rises, then, at the lad's question; "Ah, yes, I have," with something of amusement hinting along her tone. "As a matter of fact—" her words trail off as she hears her own mentor's voice; brunette head cranes about, as she spies what's happening on the other side of the hall. "Oh, Faranth."

Maitea has been doing well, that is until Rofocale. She lets out a squeal as suddenly she's thrown off balance in trying to avoid the crate and the Master. Then down she goes, water and all as lid pops off as bucket hits the ground and douses her in the dirty soapy water. Next thing she knows, she's flat on her back in a puddle of dirty water. Look, that lip quivers, but nope she doesn't give into it.

Hyotan bobs his head. "Aye, ma'am, I can do't." Having been show the best way, he's quick enough to pick it up, even half-turn his head to watch Rhaenyra with interest when she begins to hint towards a seafaring life. And then there's all sorts of water and Apprentices flying about; he freezes on the last glowbasket and just stares.

"Dangit, girl! Go get a mop, quick." Rofocale snaps again, "Someone's gonna get hurt!" As if it's all Maitea's fault, she glares at the girl while standing there, as if fully expecting her to jump up and tend to the mess right that second. Hyotan is glared at too, for staring. Her mentee is spotted and she jerks her head, motioning her over, "Rhaenrya, c'mere and take this crate while I go geta mop."

Rhaenyra heps up to her feet, the journeyman managing a brisk walk over to The Incident. A look of cool resolution passes over Rhaen's face, then, and she retreives the crate from Rofo, managing the heavy object with relative ease. "I believe there's a mop by the cabinet by my desk," she notes to her mentor, nodding over to an unobtrusive cabinet next to the 'reception desk'. "Are you okay, Maitea?" she questions the girl, then, casting a concerned hazel glance downwards.

Maitea winces as she's snapped at and tries to scramble upwards, but she's so nervous, scared and the floors so wet that she only succeds in slipping and spreading the water. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean, I mean she was there, she wasn't there, but then she was there. I'll get the mop. You don't have to get the mop Master." Okay? Her okay? Frazzled maybe. It takes a moment as Rhaenyra's words go through "I'm fine. It doesn't hurt." That's why the slight limp. But she's headed for the mop.

Hyotan gulps and looks away quickly when Rofocale brings her glare to bear. The remainder of the glows are switched with amazing rapidity, given his complete incompetence a few minutes before, and in short order there's a bright new set to illuminate the mess on the floor. "I'll get it, I'm closest," he pipes up, voice cracking on the last word and setting his face into deep flush.

Rofocale hands the crate over and says tersely, "There's a jill in there with kits, just born this morning. Don't jostle her too much." But with Maitea going to get the mop instead, she stands there looking impatient. She's a master with things to do, people to see! She doesn't have time for this. She doesn't take the crage from Rhaen right away, instead boring holes into the apprentice girl's back as she retrieves something to clean the mess, but now there's Hyotan going to get it. "I don't care who gets it as long as this mess gets cleaned up!" Way to go, Rofo. Scare them all away, will you?

Rhaenyra nods her head a bit at Maitea's words, though a brief flash of skepticism shows upon her face. She shifts the crate in her arms, then, redistributing the weight; she balances it out without 'jostling' too terribly much. "Hyotan, please fetch the mop. Maitea, if you would, go refill the bucket from the courtyard and bring it right back?" Rhaen's Ultimate Administrative PWNage comes out, even though the journeyman's so obviously tired, raccoon-eyes and all. "Master, are you quite all right? I know last night was tiring, but…" Yeah, the master's meeting over the tithe wasn't too fun. Rhaen was elected to take notes. A judicious look passes over the Herder lass' eyes, then, but mostly concern for her mentor.

Maitea stops where she's at and then slowly moves out towards the courtyard with the bucket. "Yes. ma'am." and out she disappears momentarily.

Hyotan trots over towards Rhaenyra's desk to scoop up the mop, though his steps are more measured on the return trip. Wouldn't want to slip in the puddle. He industriously applies the mop to the mess, not only soaking up the water but cleaning the floor with it while he's at it. It takes a bit longer that way, giving more opportunity to bask in the presence of wiser Herders than himself (and no doubt pick up some gossip).

Rofocale looks at Rhaenyra quickly, pursing her lips. "Whaddya mean, 'am I all right?' I've been up since yesterday morning! First they sprang the meeting on us, then someone said my jill was in labor days before her duedate, and now they want me to help round up some of the heads in the lower pastures with my canines all day. Do I look all right to you?" Yes, let's be a total drama queen about it, as if she's the only one run thin these days. She hesitates and then opens her arms to take the crate from Rhaenyra. "Sorry, I don't mean to be such a wet blanket today." This could be an apology to Maitea too, but since she's not in the room… At any rate, Hyotan is glanced at. "You new?"

Rhaenyra carefully hands over the crate, with concern evident for the inhabitants therein. "I understand," Rhaenyra replies to Rofocale's venting; "I've been chasing after Jadall since this time yesterday myself." Or earlier, maybe. Rhaen does have a tendency to downplay things. Her gaze shifts over to Hyotan, then, and she appraises the apprentice as he works at the mop. To Rofocale's apology, she brushes it off with a shrug; "It seems as if it's been a rough time for us all, right now," with a wry inflection.

Hyotan's face is all scrunched up with concentration as he scrubs at a grimy crack in the floor. The question, plus the attention of four superior eyes, has him raising his head cautiously to look at Rofocale. "Yes'm." He bobs his head a bit, giving a respectful tug of his forelock. "Hyotan, from White Valley Hold," naming a small dairy operation not too far from here, to the east.

Watching Hyotan with more intent than is absolutely necessary, Rofocale nods at least. "I've been there, decent folk." She takes the crate and shifts it gently in her arms with a nod of thanks to her mentee. "Y'got a specialty in mind, yet?" Yes, he may have only been here for a very short time, but Rofo fully expects every apprentice to automatically know what they want to do for the rest of their Herder career.

Rhaenyra leans back, stifling a smile as she observes the other two. Without anything to add to the conversation, at least at this point, she slips back over to her desk and rummages through the hides and packages left there from earlier in the morning.

Maitea comes back with the bucket, course with a bit of a breeze her wet clothes are now covered with dust as are her feet. But she's a bucket of clean water. She's quiet, forlorn and bedraggled looking. "Here's the water." she says finally after she comes up to Hyotan. "Thank you for mopping." she murmurs to him.

Hyotan pauses in his mopwork to squint over at the wall as if pondering Rofocale's question, though it doesn't take him more than a beat to answer her with, "I'm good with milchbeasts, an' caprines, an' the ovines like me all right too." He drops his head again quickly, apparently eager to get this spot all cleaned up. "Aw, don't mention it, Mait. Where were ya headin' with that bucket, anyway?"

Rofocale looks apologetic towards Maitea, quite a rare sight indeed. "I didn't mean to snap at you so much," she says. That's about as good of an apology as she can offer to an apprentice. She is however, quite pleaed that Hyotan's answer was quick and she nods with a satisfied smile. "Well good! It's nice to see an apprentice who knows what he can do." Suddenly, there's a squeak from the crate in her arms and her head jerks down. "I gotta get 'er up to my room." Suddenly though, "You two, do you know how to ride runners?"

Rhaenyra stifles a laugh. She knows Rofo's plan as sure as if her mentor had said it out loud. Rustle rustle rifle. She's sorting and opening mail. Yay for inanity.

Maitea smiles a little shyly at Hyotan "Just was gonna go dump it outside." she murmurs softly and then blinks at Rofocale. A Master, apologized to her? Wow. "It's okay Master. I should have been watching where I was going. I didn't hurt the babies, did I?" at the question she shakes her head. "No, Ma'am. It's not something I needed to know at Fort."

Hyotan's response to Maitea gets overridden by Rofocale's question. Master's priority. He's slow to affirm, "Ayup, I can ride 'em." The Master gets a dubious look that translates into '…but I don't really like to.'

"You make that your first priority, then." That's to Maitea. "There's lessons every afternoon after classes, I expect you to attend them from now on. There ain't gonna be any Herders at this hall who don't know how to ride." Disregarding Hyotan's last statement, she looks at him pointedly. "You meet me in the stables after class, you're going to help a group of us round up the lower herdbeasts. And Rhaenyra," she raises her voice to the woman at the desk. "I expect to see you out there too." [Rofocale]

Rhaenyra heaves a sigh, but it's silent, unheard. "Yes ma'am. Stark's due for exercise, anyhow." Her poor neglected runner.

Maitea gives a little bit of nod. "Yes, Ma'am." she notes as she looks over at Hyotan, seeing what his reaction is to it all. Course, he's probably done something like that anyways.

Hyotan manages to suppress the deep sigh he wants to let out and convert it into an exaggerated nod. It's like she asked him to muck the entire stable himself or something. "Yes ma'am."

Rofocale nods curtly. "Good, see you later then." And with that, she moves towards the stairs to the upper halls.

Hyotan nudges at Maitea with his elbow. "Let's finished getting this cleaned up, an' then if ya want I'll teach ya some stuff 'bout milkin' and such. Saw you got put on that chore list."

Maitea blinks and then smiles a little "Okay." she replies back to Hyo, "I feel a little weird grabbing onto those well, I mean, they're so big and all and it's just wierd."

Hyotan grins and blushes a bit at the same time. "Uh, I don't usually think of it that way. Here, we're almost done, let's just get another mop and dry it off…" He puts the dirty mop in the bucket and moves for the nearest dry mop place.

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