Myra's Interview

Main Hall
A cavern originally carved out of rock, the main hall has been carefully enlarged outwards, using slate, to make the extension Threadproof and sturdy. A few deep-set windows look out on the courtyard, allowing light in. The rest of the main hall is lit by suspended glowbaskets, a system of pulleys to provide easy changing. A few comfortable looking chairs are scattered around one side, a sharp contrast to the other side, which is clearly a reception area for guests, with a desk and several more formal chairs in a neat and tidy arrangement.
To the north, you see a Green dragon.
Issri and Myra are here.
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Myra slips in quietly, eyes flitting hither and yon, as she takes in her new surroundings.

Settled at her usual post at the big reception desk, Rhaenyra is quietly perusing a fresh-scribed scroll. Her eyebrows knit together at certain things on said scroll, and the general air of mild frustration shows about her eyes and the tightness of the set of her mouth as she glances up. "Good day," she greets Myra with a carefully cultivated, neutral smile.

Myra smiles shyly, as she makes her way to the desk, pulling a small package out of her pouch as she does. "Um. Hi." Once she makes it to the desk, she sets the package down. "Er… I was asked to drop this off for Master Jadall?"

Rhaenyra squints curiously at the package, head cocking slightly to a side. The brunette reaches out and retrieves the package, nimble fingers placing it into a small basket next to the desk that has an enscribed, stylized 'J' etched in a leather tag. "To be sure, it will reach the craftsmaster when he's next availible," Rhaen replies smoothly. "Is there a message or anything of that ilk from the sender?"

Myra shakes her head, "No. At least, I think it's in the pacakge." She pauses, and shuffles her feet a bit, before continuing. "Um. The guy asked me to drop it off, since I was coming here anyway." She pauses again, before blurting out. "Can I be an apprentice? My mom and da said it was alright!"

Rhaenyra switches gears without a hitch, as the lass goes from messenger to Herderbait hopeful. "Mmm," comes the noncomittal reply, at first; "Why do you want to be a Herder?" again, a casual tilt of her head, hazel eyes affixed on the girl with mild intensity. "What interests you of the craft?"

Myra stammers slightly, "Well, um… I like animals? And… and… and I don't wanna be a cotholder like Mom and Da. Sides which, there's no space for me really there anyway. And I've some family who were Herders, so Mom and Da were okay with it?" Her voice goes up as she speaks, ending in a questioning squeak at the end.

Rhaenyra supresses a smile, her lips thinning despite herself. The young woman draws herself a bit more straight, then leans forwards, bridging her hands together on the desk, elbows out, gazing upwards at Myra with a thoughtful expression. "You like animals." It's said in that same neutral tone. "Have you any experience with animals, then? I would assume so, yes?" Eyebrows cock upwards in query.

Myra bobs her head multiple times in something resembling a nod. "A bit. Helped take care of the family's herdbeasts. Even ran the plow a few times! I also helped with the dogs for the spit during gathers a few times, when it was our turn to help out at the Hold. An' with hunting those durned tunnelsnakes too, when we had that one infestation." She looks hopefully at the oh-so-grownup and wonderous woman behind the desk. Maybe she has a chance, and this is enough?

Rhaenyra would laugh out loud at the words 'oh so grownup and wonderous woman', as they don't necessarily fit Rhaenyra, obvious Harper training aside. "I see." She mulls over this for a moment, leaving Myra hanging for just a moment. "Does any part of the craft interest you in particular? Any group of animals?"

Myra offers up meekly and hopefully, again in a somewhat squeaky voice, "The pups? Or… maybe runners. I've always wanted to try riding." Of course, not much chance for riding in a small cothold. Another shuffle on the ground, and she stuffs her hands into her pockets, in a futile attempt to minimize the figiting.

Rhaenyra leans back, then, and nods amiacably along. "Canines, then. Gracious good, we've need of canine apprentices, after…" Her voice trails off, and she shakes her head. Little Miss Composed, suddenly losing herself to a moment? A quick shake of the head to dispel certain thoughts, but she does affix Myra with a bit more intent scrutiny. "One last thing. You are aware of what has happened here, yes? Of the fire?"

Jadall walks in from the Courtyard.

Myra squinchs down, eyes widening, so completely focused on the lady at the desk that she notices nothing else. "Fire? No… " she squeaks. "What fire?" They don't think SHE had anything to do with it, do they? She wasn't even here!"

Carefully sculpted eyebrows rise as the journeyman appraises Myra. "We recently had a fire that devastated our apprentice barracks. It would not be…" Rhaenryra seems at a loss for a moment, searching for a word, "Fair to you to admit you to the craft without giving you fair warning. We lost most of our apprentices. The craft is still rebuilding, but we are still grieving for those that we have lost." Her back steels again, and chin rises, hazel eyes appraising Myra after the impact of her words. "Do you still wish to join the Herder Hall?"

Myra's eyes widen a bit more. THey're not yet the size of dinner plates, though… more like tea saucers. But give it time! "Oh." She blinks a few times, then squeaks out. "Yes. I wanna be a herder!"

Jadall slaps his hands against the sides of his pants, muttering softly to himself as he tries to get dust out of the white fabric, "I swear, if that dragon doesn't leave soon, I'm putting her to work cleaning pastures." Stopping in his tracks, he wrinkles up his nose with a smile, "And I seem to always walk into a class. Are you teaching something today journeyman? I probably need a refresher myself."

Rhaenyra gives a nod of her head, then, and finally the serene journeyman's face breaks neutrality to smile somewhat at Myra. "Well, then," she states. "I'll need your name to swear you in," is wryly stated. The brunette glances up at the entrance of the craftsmaster, then, and gives him a rueful smile. "Indeed, sir, but if I may suggest, she would probably be of more use to us plowing fields than cleaning them.. claws and all, hm?" She gestures towards Myra. "We have ourselves a new apprentice, rather than a class, sir. Once she tells me her name I'll be more than glad to introduce you."

Myra blushs. Name. Right. Shoulda said that to begin with, hmm? "I'm Myra, ma'am." She jumps a bit, as the older guy comes in. She glances at him, and sidles to the side, hunching her shoulders just a tad.

Jadall hooks the nozzle of the flamethrower back into the pack on his back, making sure the safety is on, then stomps the charred weeds off his feet before slipping across the hall. "Really? I think that puts you ahead in quota. Keep this up and I might not have to send you off to Igen to get us some more." TUrning on his heel, he offers a soot-dirty hand to Myra, "Well met child."

Jadall depresses the trigger on his Herder Flamerthrower1. Instantly, a *huge* flame erupts from the end of the wand.
Jadall is seriously singed.
There is an audible 'clack' from Jadall's Herder Flamerthrower1, and the flame disappears with the remains of the Jadall. Jadall looks around for another target.
[OOC:] Jadall says "My bad. Ignore that. *^.^*"

Myra ducks her head again, and tenatively puts her hand out to meet his - it's not much cleaner than his, after all, and mumbles something that may at some point have resembled 'Well met'. Her eyes are definetly larger - the size of salad plates now, and rapidly approaching dinner plate size.

Rhaenyra stands up from her position at the desk, then, after placing Jadall's "inbox basket" onto the desk for him to look through. Ooh, pretty packages! She affixes the older Herder with somewhat of an amused smirk - well, an amused smirk for Rhaen looks more like a flickering glance of amusement - and then the young woman's attention fixates back upon the girl. "Follow after me, then, Myra." A deep breath, and she says the following in chunks, so the girl can repeat after her. "I do pledge to devote myself to the betterment of my person through the Craft and my studies, do pledge my loyalty to the Craft and to the service of the animals of Pern, and promise my obedience to Craftmaster Jadall," and here she breaks to point unobtrusively to the sooty man standing there, "—and those he appoints as my superiors."

Jadall takes a half-step back, grinning lopsidedly while watching the informal ceremony. Though he does like the idea of appointing more superiors. At the motion to himself, he does, however, realize that he forgot to wear his knot… again.

Myra eeps, and jumps, refocusing back on the Lady at the Desk. A deep breath, followed by whispered squeaks, and a garbled version of "I do pled to devote myself to the betterment of my person through…" She pauses, catchs her breath, "the craft and my studies, do pledge my loyalty to the craft and to the service of the animals of Pern, and promise my obedience to Craftmaster Jadall…" wait, who? She does a bit of a double take, tries not to choke, inhales a few times, and then finishs up in a rush, "And those he appoints as my superiors."

Rhaenyra leans out to offer Myra the oh-so-shiny (actually kind of dusty) apprentice knot. "Well met, and congratulations, Herder Apprentice Myra." She reflects. "Ah, and by the way- my apologies. I am Journeyman Rhaenyra, and this is Craftmaster Jadall." A warm smile, then, after she glances askance at her unknotted superior — she didn't roll her eyes, she really didn't! — and ends with, "Welcome to the craft!"

Myra nods, gulps, and takes the knot out of sheer habit, in reaction to someone handing her something. Again with the garbling. "um, thanks, well met, yeah…: she trails off, somewhat dazed. A few glowworms seem to have met an ugly death in the glowbasket of her brain. Poor glowworms!

Rhaenyra curbs her smile, then, and leans back against the desk. "I'll have one of the journeymen show you the way to the hayloft— that's where you'll be sleeping until the retrofits to the barracks are completed. After that, we can arrange for you to receive a tour of the hall."

Myra nods, eyes wide, fumbling with her knot. It still hasn't made it to her shoulder. Might in a few days, but now? Not likely.

Rhaenyra returns to her spot behind the desk. "Welcome to the craft, Myra." She gestures at a nearby senior apprentice. "Randell, will you please show Myra here to the hayloft? Take care of her— she's new to the craft." The tubby senior apprentice then proceeds to haul Myra off, talking a mile a minute. Cue a smile. Rhaenyra goes back to proofing her hide, now— ahh, just another day in paradise.

Myra nods dazedly, and follows Randell. Feet shuffling, eyes wide, not saying a thing. Not really registering what she's told either, but oh well. Follow, follow, follow!

Myra walks to the Stairs.

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