Frizzy natural curls create a vast cloud of the rich black hair that falls to her waist. It envelopes her round face and nearly hides the blue eyes within. She's not a tall girl, only being around five feet or so, but it only tends to add to the heavy look that she has. However, she's not overly fat, just well padded. Her skin has a light tan shade to it, though it seems to be more of a natural color than one brought about by too much sun; she's the look of someone who spends more time indoors than out.
She's currently wearing a simple pair of pants, nothing fancy, but more work serviceable than anything. They also look brand new, as if they've not seen any wear but recent travels. Her shirt is just as plain, a light tan and again, fairly new, mainly travel worn. Even her boots look too new to have been used for much.


Maitea was fostered at Fort Hold while her Herder parents spent their time journeying around the smaller holds. Here she spent her time learning to be a lady. She was taught things like reading, writing, sewing and embroidery. Basically preparing her to be a good wife and eventually mother to some suitable young man. Course, things can change and her foster mother lost her place at the Hold when she said some nasty things to the Lady. So once again she found herself with her parents which she hardly knew. Hoping to please them, she said she wanted to learn what they knew. Thus, before she knew she was shipped off to the Hall. She learned that apprenticeship was a lot of hard and dirty work and many times she has wished she was back home with her foster mother. But then she was given a feline to take care of and she's been settling into the swing of things.

Maitai is in many ways a pampered child, but she's not a snob. She's just unused to what is expected of her as an apprentice. This is all a new situation for her and she's not even sure it's what she wanted, but one can't disappoint one's parents. Especially, if it might be the only way to actually get to live with them.


Name Relation Location Position
Danatala Fostermother Fort Area Seamstress
Genali Mother Fort Hold Herder Journeyman
Treft Father Fort Hold Herder Journeyman


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