Not too tall, but not too short, Merevan is simply average height with a stocky width. His body is rather lean, despite the added girth, due to consistent exercise and often-times strenuous handling of animals. His wide shoulders and sturdy arms and legs are muscular and thick, something that is always a benefit when one works so closely with canines and runners. His once-chubby cheeks have thinned out, leaving his warm, light blue eyes and happy smile the center of attention. Perhaps the least noticible thing about Merv is the short, blonde hair atop his head, cut so short it's barely there.
Even in the summer, Merevan tends towards the thick hide of trousers to keep his legs protected from any stray animals he encounters, firelizard claws, and chafing from the saddle of his runner. The pants are a rich brown, though moderately faded along his inner thighs, the result of riding often. His shirt has short sleeves and buttons up the front, dutifully tucked into his pants like the well behaved child he is. A black canine is embroidered on the chest of the shirt, admist the pale blue fabric. Sturdy sandals cling to his feet, with multiple buckles going around his feet and ankles so they won't fall off while he's chasing down a feline or brushing his runner.
A yellow and white knot is accented by silver, dark blue and bright red, indicating the Herdercraft Journeyman's specialty in training canines.



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