Waist length, midnight black hair is plaited into a neat braid, which is generally found hanging down her back doing braid-like things. Her face is oval shaped, with a slight tan, interrupted by of a pair of quiet dark brown eyes, and a perky nose. Usually silent, an occasional smile will displace her habitually serious look. A slender 5'2, she often ends up looking up at others.
Cream colored linen drapes Myra's shoulders, a bit of extra padding there to guard against sharp firelizard claws. The soft, long sleeved shirt buttons down the front, the polished black circles of obsidian clasping cuffs and band collar as well. The sleeves are rolled casually up to elbow length, exposing tanned arms, and the shirt tucks neatly into comfortably cut pants of a soft, cotton twill, the rich brown fabric cut on the bias for stretch. Buttons like those on the shirt mark the fly, and pockets adorn each hip. Inch wide cuffs cover the tops of brown leather boots, scuffed and stained from hard wear.


Grew up a boringly normal child of holders in the Fort Hold area. Liked animals, didn't much like the idea of following in mama & papa's footsteps. Had family in HH, so decided to join. Didn't want to do it near home, b/c as the typical teen, I felt smothered there.


Quiet, mild shyness, socially somewhat clueless. Sweetie, though.


Name Relation Location Position

Relatives - random NPCs hither and yon. Mostly hither, in the FH area.


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