Orpington (chicken)

The Orpington chicken breed is a breed developed by Jr. Journeyman Issri, as a part of her Sr. Journeyman project. She set out to breed a chicken that would be hardier to the High Reaches climate, particularly further north of the weyr.

She began by cross-breeding Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rock birds, to create the Orpington bird. Named after her chicken mentor at the Hall, Master Orpington, the bird has so far been a success. Issri worked on cross-breeds for several turns, only keeping the strongest layers and those birds who weathered the winters well. The discards from her project found forever homes in the kitchen's stock pots.

Most of the birds have a characteristic fluffy feather shape. Currently, the colors Issri has bred are black with a metallic sheen, and buff. They are good layers, laying on average 150+ eggs per turn, even through the winter.

One weakness of the birds is due to their fluffy feathers. The fluff allows water to penetrate, so they must always have a dry place to roost.

OOC - The Orpington chicken is a real chicken: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orpington_(chicken)

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