In addition to these requirements, each character seeking promotion must contact Staff to let them know they wish to be promoted. Also, each character needs to maintain an average of four hours of activity per week. We of course encourage all of our players to get out, be active, and RP as much as possible!

Staff is always ready to discuss these policies if needed.

A character must be an Apprentice for 1 IC turn (4 RL months) and be at least 18 turns old. At the end of this time they must plan and complete a Journeyman Project. This project needs to be approved by Staff, but it can be just about anything. However, we encourage projects that are RPable events!

Jr. Journeyman
After Jr. Journeyman rank is reached, each character will be posted to an area of the player's choosing for 1 IC turn. After the conclusion of that time they will automatically become a full Journeyman. No project is needed.

Characters maintain their Journeyman rank for 1 IC turn, after which they are automatically promoted to Sr. Journeyman rank. No project is needed.

Sr. Journeyman
Characters maintain their Sr. Journeyman rank for at least 4 IC turns. During this time they may choose to work on a Master's Project. The Master's Project must be a project that is of a larger-scale (ICly) than the Journeyman Project, because reaching Master rank is the most challenging rank to reach. Each project must be approved by Staff.

Congratulations! You've reached the highest possible rank.


4 apprentices and 1 Journeyman may be Searched. Some exceptions allowed to be handled on a case by case basis between Staff and SearchCo. All applicants must be with the craft through one full search cycle and have the approval of staff prior to application.

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