Memorable Herder Quotes

OOC Quotes

[-Herder] Iasri: Oh Vos. Our love will never come to fruition will it? :D
[-Herder] Vostarik: Unless by 'love' you mean 'kicks in the face.'

[-Herder] Maitea thinks Vos is like this weird deformed Who, who gets abandoned and he grows up all angsty and then because of some sweet little Who, makes all happy and then people hunt him down and shoot him.

[OOC:] Vostarik is experiencing way too much late-night brain. Cat in a bucket!

[-Herder] Hyotan: That is the poopingest chick I have ever seen!

[-Herder] Iasri: What am I suppose to do, now that Vos is on the island? Like girls?

IC Quotes

"I didn't /make/ you hit me the first time!" Vostarik protests.

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