Time has come and left its mark. R'yn may never be a truly imposing creature, but he carries himself with confidence worn from years as a leader at the trailing edge of the last pass. His skin is bronzed, tanned by days working under the hot Istan sun. His body is strong and toned, kept in good physical shape and showing the lean muscle tone of one who stays in good physical shape. His features still carry a bit of boyish charm among more classically handsome looks. A thin goatee of showing various colored hairs from brown to red is kept neatly trimmed, lending a bit of maturity to his still youthful features. Mid-length strands of sun-streaked dark-brown hair lay before his face, occasionally dangling into his eyes. Longer strands are tucked into a thinly braided tail at his neck. Attractive, klah-toned brown eyes mare framed by dark eyebrows that cast them into shadow.
R'yn is clothed in a neat white shirt, somewhat grayed from use. Black stitching runs along the collar and sleeves in a neat series of shapes. A pair of black leggings cover his legs, held up by a brown leather belt. Worn black boots cover his feet and lace halfway up his calves.
R'yn is wearing a somewhat ornate looking knot of double chording, showing interwoven strands of black and orange in a double loop with a single tassle and golden thread interwoven, denoting him as a Wingleader at Ista Weyr. A brozen ribbon is wrapped around the base of the knot, showing the color of his dragon.



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