Darkest chocolate at deepest hue, thick waves of hair top this lass with likely her best feature: glosy and thick, with hints of red undertones, when left loose it curls into heavy curlie-ques, nigh unmangable. Near long as her waist, now, it's typically braided back into a plait or tied back with a scrip of leather. Rhaenyra's face, heart-shaped and broad through the forehead, is unremarkable at best- freckles dot across her chin and nose, while almond-shaped hazel eyes appear a muddy brown except when seen up close, then revealing flecks of green and hints of lighter golden brown. Her nose is straight, but a bit short, and compliments her slightly plump-lipped mouth. No super beauty here, the girl stands taller-than-average, thick-hipped and broad-shouldered, showing layers of muscle that turns of Herding have seasoned.
Leathern trous of dark chocolate color clad the girl's legs, snug at the thigh and waist and flaring slightly over scuffed, slightly lighter-toned boots. A tunic of eggshell-cream, slightly off-colored and showing meticulous cleanliness, is belted over her trous with a thin braid of chestnut-colored hide. Her hair is worn back, braided and falling past midback, though flyaways dance about her face as typical.
Doubled cords of yellow and white loop once about the young woman's shoulder, tied off with a long tail and a single silver tassle, indicating her as a Herder Journeyman with duties in administration.


Rhaenyra was born at the Main Harper Hall at Fort, the progeny of a Master Harper Legist and his Healer wife. Raised to be a correct young lady of good standing, her father had high hopes of marrying young Rhaen into the Blood, to improve his own ties. unfortunately for Targar's aspirations and political machinations, Rhaenyra was quite taken with animals at a young age. Viseyra, her mother, disapproved of Targar's 'aspirations' for their daughter, and had Rhaen apprenticed to her brother, a Herder journeyman stationed at Fort Hold. Rhaenyra, at that point, rose quickly and swiftly up the ranks- perhaps due to her strong background from her family- and attained the level of Journeyman by the time she turned eighteen turns old.

However, disaster struck the new hall at High Reaches- the fire that burnt down the apprentice dorms, and most of the apprentices with it- and Rhaenyra was recalled back to the Main Hall.

Rhaenyra's mentor is Rofocale; surprisingly, the older woman's gruffness hasn't rubbed off too terribly bad on Rhaen, who is typically very socially aware and tries her best to be the 'model citizen' so to speak. She does hold the infamous task of being the Craftmaster's assistant- so it's not too unlikely to see her trailing behind Jadall and his bizarre pursuits like a half-weaned pup.

She is a Runner specialist, tracking Training in particular; her journeyman project was green-breaking an entire herd of Southern Stripes, captured from the wild. (That's common knowledge, so feel free to tease her about that, too!) Other than that, Rhaen's typically easy-going with pretty much anyone: the only time you'll ever see her having difficulties with another is if the other person is lazy or not willing to work.


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