Name Position Dragon
Iasri HRW Inferno Wingleader Brown Vosteyath
K'nex HRW Tsunami Wingrider Brown Shirasuth
N'shin IW Skyraider Wingrider Brown Pygaroth
N'iel IW Breakwater Wingrider Green Roxeauth
Nu'ra HRW Tsunami Wingsecond Bronze Ckiezeluth
Rhaeyn HRW Senior Weyrwoman Gold Aevryscienth
R'yn IW Sunfire Wingleader (Games) Bronze Azmaioth
Syriene HRW Senior Weyrling Green Zhizusikolymuth
X'vik HRW Mudslide Wingrider Brown Argolath

Inactive Herder-associated Riders can be viewed here.

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