Narrow eyes are placed into a heart-shaped face, color hanging toward the grayish side, though not lacking in character. A small nose, slightly tilting to the right side and splash of brown freckles across and over her high cheek-bones lends to a natural appearance. A small freckle centers on her bottom lip - an identifying birthmark hard to be rid of, even with lip-tint. Dark auburn frizz, strung sparsely with premature gray and casually thrown into a tieback, is gently highlighted by constant work underneath the sun. Her body is of average height - 5'7 - and a slightly over-average bust giving a top-heavy appearance. Her waist is thickening slightly as each turn passes and wide hips becoming more padded, finally tapering down to short legs and small feet.

The soft green pile of fabric which is her close-fitting tunic is pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch. A woven leather belt gathers it at her slim waist so that the tunic falls to her thighs. A large straw hat is tied at her waist with the neck cord, at times seen perched upon her head to help aid in deterring Rukbat bright rays. Her earthen-brown cotton trousers are worn and faded and patched in places from constant use, though still in usable shape for grunt work. Fellis dye had turned the soft wher-hide boots a shade darker than her tunic and they fit snug to calf and foot.

Thinly laced yellow and white cords double and loop twice into a double knot with a tassle of gold, signaling that Rofo is a Herder Master. Three other small cords, those of black, powdered blue, and pink, also denote that her particular specialty is in runner breeding.



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