Of average height, Rozalija doesn't really draw too much attention to herself. She is fairly thin and not quite curvaceous like others, though she's still growing a bit into her body. Her face is oval, with a bit of baby fat still in her cheeks and a light scattering of freckles that are nearly lost in her coffee complexion. Her hair, far too black to ever have been called dark brown, hangs down past her shoulders but forever tangled in tight frizzy curls that puff out around her head. Usually it is kept back with a band at the nape of her neck, but a few shorter strands remain as bangs to curl an outline around her face. Out from her dark features are lighter amber almond-shaped eyes, striking with the dark long lashes around them.

She sports a long linen skirt, loose and light around her thin legs. Her shirt is long-sleeved and a light green, with a closed collar around her neck that doesn't leave much open for visible skin. A light silver chain dangles around her neck that is usually hidden under her shirt. When out in the open, three small silver charms are seen: a runner, a dragon, and a ship. The rest of her outfit is usually made up with common accessories: Her feet are lightly protected with a pair of simple brown sandals and a thick brown belt is cinched tightly at her waist to keep her shirt and skirt in place.



Name Relation Location Position
Sua Mother High Reaches Weyr Brownrider
Luzall Father Southern Hold Fisherman
Duvessa Aunt/Foster Mom Southern Hold Nanny
Olier Uncle Southern Hold Cook


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