Runner Genetics

Runner Genetics

Using the letters a, b, and c a set of runner genetics as been created. These letters represent alleles. These alleles are what determine what a runner will be. This isn't a complete listing of all possible alleles, but the ones covering color. Much time as been spent in researching this and some things, for the fun of the game, have simply been removed. What has been removed are the lethal factors. So here on the game you can have a homozygous Frame or Roan and still have a healthy foal.

Also body type has not been added so as to keep down on the Database, instead it's being represented as a number under the property of conformation. A runner with poor conformation will look noticably worse then one with excellant conformation.

Statistics are:
Speed - Determines how fast a runner can go.
Endurance - Determines how long a runner can keep working, be it racing, draft or even show. Intelligence - Determines how smart a runner is.
Dexterity - Determines how nimble a runner is.
Conformation - Determines how well a runner is built.
Jumping - Determines how good the runner is at leaping from the ground.
Performance - Determines how much of a showman the runner can be.

Simple Glossary:
Allele - One half of a gene pair
Epistatic - The locus that masks another
Hetrozygous - Having two alleles that are differnt.
Homozygous - Having two alleles that are the same.
Hypostatic - The locus that is masked.
Locus - A specific location on a chromosome that affects a certain trait. May be two or more possible alleles for a particular locus, but a runner will posess only two.
Partial Dominant - Causes differnt things when in heterozygous or homozygous form (see Cream) Simple Dominant - Requires only one dominant allele to cause an affect.

For Runner Commands, please see 'Herder Commands'.

The Genes

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A brief explanation of the genes.

When alleles are just a and b - Dominant is aa and ab. Recessive is bb.

When alleles are a, b and c - Dominant is aa, ab, and ac. Recessive is bb and No effect is bc and cc. (Sooty, Flaxen and Dapple)

These determine the basic color of the runner.

Agouti/Bay [.a] - Causes black pigments to be confined to the points. Has no effect if it is recessive. Hypostatic to Extension

Extension [.e] - Determines whether a runner produces black or red pigment. Recessive will produce red(chestnut). Epistatic to Agouti.

These dilute or lighten the basic coat.

Cream [.cr] - In heterozygous form causes Palomino, Buckskin and Smoky Black. In homzygous form, causes Cremello, Perlino and Smoky Cream. This is known as a partial dominant.

Dun [.d] - Lightens most all colors of a runner, including black. Allows primitive markings to show. This can include a dorsal stripe, leg barring etc. This is a simple dominant.

Champagne [.ch] - Black lightens to light brown, red lightens to yellow. Skin color also lightens to a "pumpkin" (dark pink) with some black mottling. Causes amber or hazel eyes. Somple dominant.

Silver [.z] - Dilutes black pigment to flaxen or a klah (Chocolate brown) color. Simple dominant.

This colors will modify the basic coat color without completely hiding it.

Pangere [.pa] - Causes mealy, golden areas arounf the face, muzzle, flank, girth, dock and underside areas. Simple dominant.

Flaxen [.fl] - In dominant form causes toasting on chestnut (This was added for game use, no known RL equivalent, was a mutation). In recessive form causes mane and/or tail to be a flaxen, or creamy color in chestnuts.

Sooty [.s] - In dominant form causes dark sooty areas on the coat. In recessive form causes brindling (This was added here for purpose of the game.)

Grey and White are masking genes, they will cover up the underlaying coat.

Grey [.g] - Causes progressive greying. Simple dominant.

Dominant White [.w] - Causes a runner to be completly white. Skin is pink with black mottling. Simple dominant.

Roaning is white hairs within the coat with pink skin under.

True Roan [.rn] - Causes roaning over the body with non-roaned head and lower legs. Simple dominant.

Frosty Roam [.fr] - Causes roaning in the mane/tail, over bony areas and often over the topline. Simple dominant.

Rabicano [.rb] - Causes roan patches behind the ears, in the armpits, under the dock, and at the tail head. Amount of roaning will very, also known as roan in the flanks. Simple dominant.

These cause white patches on the body with pink skin underneath.

Tobiano [.to] - Rounded patterning of spots over the topline, generally with for high white legs and can have normal facial markings. Simple dominant.

Frame Overo [.fr] - Irregular shaped white spots generally along the sides. Commonly accompanied with a blaze or bald face. Simple dominant.

Sabino - [.sb] [.ex] [.mark] - Irregualr white patches, often times the the edges are roaned. Commonly found to be more extensive on the underside, girth, flank or throatlatch areas. Generally accompanied by a blaze or a bald face that extends onto the lower lip. Sabino gene [.sb] Degree of expression [.ex] Also checks for markings [.ex] and check where the markings are [.mark]. Simple dominant.

Markings (leg aa, face bb, leg and face ab)

Splashed White [.spl] - Large white patches, generally found over the head, chest and forelegs, may look as if dipped in white.

Appaloosa [.ap] [.lp] [.sc] - Covers entire leopard complex; body spots, white on hips, white body with spots and other combinations. Determines if appaloosa patterning [.ap] determines what pattern [.lp] and [.sc]

These are additional modifiers.

Dapple [.dapple] - White spots with a lighter center and a darker ring. Simple dominant. Reverse dapplings has a darker center and a lighter ring. Reccesive.

Negative [.negative] - Causes white to be turned to black. Reccesive

No white [.nowhite] - Causes no white to show at all. Even if the runner is patterned white, it'll turn out solid. May also hide markings. Simple dominant.

Non-color genetics.

Hands High [.hands] - This determines the max height a runner will reach upon maturity.

Gender [.gen] - A runner is either (xx) or (xy).

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