Journal of the Southern Stripes


This book is part of Sarrol's Journeyman project. It is a journal on the appearances, behavior, location, safety precautions, and notes of the newly found striped runners. At the end of this journal you will also find the log of the days leading up to, during, and after the discovery of the runners.

Appearances (colors etc.)

Striped runners are merely that, striped. They come in the normal runner colors: bay, grey, black, brown, white, tan, etc. But their coloring is enhanced by their brindle coloring. Brindle means that the patterning is watery or drippy striping over the whole body. The coat is also textured which is inheritable, though the expression of darker or more intense pigment of the stripes is highly variable, even in the same runner, depending on the season. Sometimes the color is even composed of dark hair (black or brown) or white hair (roan or gray).


When the striped runners were first found, they were wild. They had the same temperaments as wild runners, shying from being handled and generally kicking out if they had that sort of temper. The stallion leads the mares in the wild and the particular stallion of the first band of striped runners caught had even stolen a few mares from a nearby hold, turning them wild. The band stays together as normal runner herds do. The stallion takes care of the mares and the mares take care of their foals. Striped runners are no different from regular runners except for their coloring. They all have different attitudes, intelligence, and stamina. Their behaviors are just like that of other runners. They must be delt with as you would a regular runner. Their temper can even be gauged by the way they communicate: through their ears, eyes, tail, and the position of their body. This is called body language. All runners use it to communicate with others of their kind, and to us humans. When dealing with any runner, body language should be watched carefully.


The location of the rare striped runners is Southern. The first shipment of striped runners was made from Southern to the Istan Herder Hall in the thirty-third Turn of the Tenth Pass. The first shipment was found near Southern Point. The herd was led by a striped stallion who seemed to know how to provide for his band of mares quite well. There was a fruitful water source in the area from which they could drink, and there was plenty of vegetation in the area as well.

Safety Precautions

As with all runners, there are certain safety precautions. The safety precautions with striped runners is no different. You should always make sure the runner knows you're there. This way you will not spook it and it will not run or kick or bite. Always be calm, but firm with a runner. Let them know who's the boss, but don't hurt them. Runners can be very skittish, so be quiet around them, but not too quiet. Again, make sure they know you're there, but don't do it noisely.


Some special notes about striped runners is that their stripes are genetic. They are also not like the stripe down the back that you would see on a dun. Refer to Chapter 2 of this book for the colors.

Journal Section

Day 1
Location: Southern
We have arrived at Southern. At the direction of the journeymen and masters we have set up camp. Our camp includes a tent for the Journeymen and Masters, a tent for the Apprentices, and a Cook Tent. We also have a roughly made corral for all our runners…and hopefully any striped runners if we can find them.

Day 2
Location: Southern Point
Camp is all set up. Things are all arranged and set. Firelizards as well as the humans attatched to them are all anxious to get things moving. I'm sure all of us are eager to see this striped runners…if there are any.

Day 3
Location: Southern Point
Now that we're all settled in, we're waiting to see if there are striped runners about. Damria has done some scouting and she says she saw some tracks near a water source. We're all going to go and make a corral so that we might herd the striped runners into it. And then there would be much rejoicing.

Day 4
Location: Southern Point
Well, it seems the runners we brought along aren't happy. Something is spooking them and we don't know what it is. Hopefully whatever it is will go away. We've all heard of big felines here in Southern. I hope we don't run into any of them.

Day 5
Location: Southern (somewhere)
Well, on our way to the location of the striped runners, we were attacked by a large feline. Luckily, the feline missed Darmalo and his runner by mere inches…at least it seemed that way to me. Then Beka killed it with a great shot from her bow and arrow. Maybe she'll keep the hide as a souvenir…or maybe not since the smell of the body and hide might spook the striped runners. (But later Caine got the body of the feline and cooked it up for dinner. Yum.) Okay, on a happier note, we got the corral up. It's made out of some deadfall branches and such. It's placed in a wonderful spot so that we can round up the striped runners into it nice and peacefully.

Day 6-8
Location: Southern Point
We're here in camp…and…nothing is happening. No runners have been spotted…yet. Palia and Beka and a few others have been scouting around the area, though a couple of those 'scouts' stick quite close to camp. This is one big journal entry for these three days because nothing real important has happened. Maybe I'll start a drawing or something in this page…hm…

Day 9-10
Location: Southern Point
Okay…still boring. Except now we may have a lead on where the elusive striped runners are and just what times they're around. Hopefully we'll be capturing some soon.

Day 11-12
Location: Southern Point
We're still looking for the runners. But all of us feel that each outing we take is getting us closer and closer to the goal.

Day 13
Location: Southern, Lake near Southern Point
We have the runners! Well, a couple of them. After a successful scouting, Damria spotted the striped runners and the group of Herders took after the herd. After much fuss and commotion and such, there are now a couple lovely runners in the pen. One isn't a striped runner, but her foals are. In fact, most of the mares aren't striped, but all their foals have markings. They're beautiful. We still plan on catching the rest of them though. The stallion is watching us so we'll have to be careful.

Day 14-15
Location: Southern, Lake
Yup. Bored. Though it's rather fun to watch the striped runners in their deadfall corral. The little foals are cute and fun to watch. I don't know how many foals there will be, but I hope at least those of us here will get to have one for our hard work, particularly Damria if she wants one.

Day 16
Location: Southern, Lake area
Ah ha! The runners couldn't evade us much longer! We have the rest of them! Even the stallion! But he doesn't look to happy, and we've got to let him go or risk killing us all in trying to transport him. Oy. Well, the stallion has run off, though to me it seemed as if he gave us all an evil glare. Oh well. Just as long as he doesn't come back to kill us. That wouldn't be fun. We have the mares and their foals though so we're all quite satisfied. One of the mares looks to be really really pregnant though. Dalaynia is keeping an eye on her, as well as the other really young foals. Wouldn't want them getting sick on us would we?

Day 17
Location: Southern, Lake
Another slightly boring day. The runners are still milling about the corral, though they're all quite shy. Some of them look like they haven't been out of captivity long though and they're quite curious. The foals are particularly interesting as they romp and play. They're really cute and the markings on them are very beautiful.

Day 18
Location: Southern, Lake, Deadfall Corral
Shards! What a day! At first it started out to be a nice morning. Dalaynia was watching the runners, I was dozing slightly and updating this book, then one of the mares started to pace. It turned out to be the pregnant one! So, I got up and quietly went to the corral to watch. Everything seemed fine until it started to take too long for the foal to be born, and then only one front foot was out of the mare. Dala jumped into the corral and asked me to help. It turned out the foal would have to be pushed back in and then helped out, but she needed my help since the mare was still wild. So, after getting lathered up in redwort, grabbing a rope and heading over to the mare (who Dalaynia already had a hold of and was walking around the corral) I had to tie the rope easily onto the hoof of the unborn foal and then shove 'im back in then guide him back out. So, I did just that, guiding the hoof back in and helping him out. I wont' get into details though as it was a nasty experience. I know it's sorta what I signed up for when I decided to be a beasthealer, but this was just a nasty first experience. Anyway, long story short, the mare laid down and gave birth to a healthy little colt…with stripes. He's as beautiful as any runner foal I've ever seen. Just a doll. This was a great experience.

Day 19-24
This is a short entry for a lot of days cause right now we're just tending to the runners and trying to get them used to us. We're going to have to have them used to us a bit so that they won't go wild on the ship when we set sail again. I can't wait to get home. (Personal note: I really miss my 'friend' Shaney. In fact, I just miss Ista and the Herder Hall period. I loved this trip, but now it's over. Take me home!)

Day 25
Location: Southern
Last day here at Southern. We had fun. We got some really interesting runners, and now we can go home. I see the ship docking right now and I'll be glad to get our stuff packed up on the ship so we can set sail. Grey Shadow, my borrowed runner, has been real good on this trip. I hope this experience will make him an even better runner in the future.

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