Bright green and eye's gaze softly out from a tanned and slightly weathered face. Long black hair is pulled back into a single braid, free of adornments. Well muscled, he is far from being scrawny and his rough hands show he's not afraid of work by any means. He's certainly a tall one, easily topping six feet, but this doesn't seem to bother him as he carries himself with confidence even when ducking through some doorways.
A well cut shirt of fine dark blue brocade accentuates Tavaris's broad shoulders and muscular chest. An ivory collar is left unbuttoned along his neck. The sleeves are long and taper down neatly to his wrists, and the ivory cuffs are closed with a pair of gold cufflinks. Gracing his long legs is a pair of black sisal pants that are free from wrinkles and hang neatly down into a pair of polished black hide boots, covering them down to the ankle.


The origins of Tavaris have faded into history, some say he was a minecraft apprentice, other's say he was kicked out for inappropriate relations with the Craftmaster of the time. Still others say there's no way he could have been a miner. He's too tall. Whatever the actual story, Tavaris generally chuckles or the more wild variations and confirms the fact that yes, he used to be a part of the minecraft and that at one time he was infatuated my Caeryn, but nothing ever happened there. He does tend to stay mum on why he actually left and states that it doesn't matter. He used to live at Blacksands, a place where through Flarra, he met Damista.
At one point in time, Damista thought he was putting the moves on Flarra, in one incident in the stables she even slapped him across the face. He never did have any sort of relationship outside of friendship with Flarra, but he felt that was none of Damista's business. Flarra was a grown woman. However, he develop an affection for Damista and in time that affection grew to love and on Damista's part as well. The two became happily married.
Tavaris used to be the Steward at the Istan Hall for many long turns, a spot he gave up when Damista was called back to the new Hall in High Reaches. He wasn't about to stay behind.
He can be a quiet man, and will often sit and watch the antics of others, but he's also known for his humor. Another thing that people tend to note, is that he also always has a notebook with him that he jots down things in.


Name Relation Location Position
Damista Wife High Reaches Hall Retired Herder Master


green Rumpleteaser
Emerald and teal meld to form a brilliant new color, covering this green in lovely hues. The wings of this small firelizard reflect the sun, while her multi-faceted eyes spin quickly, almost always in blues and greens. Not temperamental, her emotions rarely show - she maintains her cool, calm demeanor from long tail to slender headknobs. Delicate 'sails are poised just so, her beauty always evident though no good looks can save her from a falling grace: she's not exactly the sharpest lizard in the clutch. Often mistaking water for sky, nasty surprises can be her reward, and often mistaking the wrong person for her own, she spends more time correcting her mistakes then not.

bronze Deuteronomy
Tarnished bronze ripples, swaying lines of umber flickering across his smooth hide; a dappled bit of brown lurks in one corner, shadowing itself into the other, and then muting into pale tan for his underside. Bright crescents of sails - touched by Rukbat's aureate kiss - form the filmy substance of wings, darkened sticks of wingspars rattling dryly. Firelizard's form is slight, built lean and tall in appearance.

brown Macavity
Dark. A deep chocolate colors his hide: light and shadow dancing along his sinuous form with a calico effect, the musculature of a broad chest and long limbs emphasized beneath the shifting shades. Highlights of an electric red -bright, and yet subdued as it mingles with the darker tone of his flesh- line the sharp contours of an angular face: the prominence of rounded cheeks and firm brow, a muzzle, broad and blunt, and full of expressive motion. Long and limber is his frame, bearing the lithe rhythm of a dancer, his slender tail and broad sails perfect for a wide range of acrobatics. Mimicry is his passion and a partner his goal.

gold Grizabella
Antique gold spirals in absent fashion across the seemingly worn hide of this ancient looking firelizard. Tints of bronze darken the gold, casting shadows upon her as they slip like dying plants and intermingle across her delicate wings. Nothing but the memory of younger and brighter days that glisten along her body, when things were happier and new.

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