Standing at medium-height, Tercero is a rather unassuming man: he is thin and wiry, with olive skin and dark features that aid in making him somewhat unnoticeable in crowds or dimly-lit rooms. His hair is black and rather shaggy; it's shoulder-length in back and falls just past his eyes in the front. He's got a hint of a mustache underneath a strong, pointy nose.

The most notable thing about Tercero's clothing tends to be that it is covered in fur; past that, it's largely unremarkable. A loose button-down top of washed-out grey, a pair of black twill pants, a fine set of boots.


Tercero was born and raised in Tillek Hold, the son of a pair of fishercrafters. He has nine siblings, all of whom are female — if he hadn't developed an interest in joining a craft away from home by the age of ten anyway, his sisters may have influenced his desire to leave!

He didn't actually get around to /leaving/ and trying to become a Herder until he was around fourteen. At the time he'd brought two pet felines, both from the boats; his aptitude at caring for them impressed those at the crafthall, and Tercero got formally apprenticed. Everything went quite well for him, even though he was a bit awkwardly antisocial around some humans (never around any animals, really, though he always showed preference for the felines) until he was eighteen.

Having been a senior apprentice for about a turn, Tercero's life was permanently altered by the fact that most of the present class of apprentices were killed in a fire, the dorms destroyed. He became a lot more insular; the budding romantic relationship he was in ended abruptly, his normal effusiveness with his mentor turning to stony silence. He has walked with a strong chip of survivor's guilt on his shoulder ever since — but it makes him an excellent and focused crafter. He walked the tables to become a journeyman at age 22.


Parents are Seacrafters plus nine sisters; someday, they will be named!


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