Though not standing at an impressive height (especially for a man), Ulaon has none of the awkwardness of big hands or feet that suggests much will be added to his 5'5 frame, though soft lines at his jaw and cheekbones, and the beginnings of fuzz on his chin might still suggest that he has a ways to go before being considered fully grown. His nose is a bit wide at the middle, where freckles are only now fading away. Curly brown hair is kept long enough to cover his ears halfway down, and brush at the back of his neck, though it's short enough at the front to show some of his forehead above sparse eyebrows. On a face tanned from much time spent outside, green eyes are the only truly prominent break in an otherwise earth-toned complexion.
A deep green long-sleeved tunic, dirty at the cuffs and worn at the elbows, hangs from the boy's still-slender shoulders, a bit baggy, though hardly falling off. Thick, khaki pants, with knees reinforced by extra layers, fit him a bit better. Basic ankle-cut leather boots are in good condition, though by no means brand new.


Ulaon is the bastard son of Sulana, a certain barmaid from SeaCliffs, by former Smith Craftmaster (though then journeyman) Teric. Though never having really spoken about his father, murmurs from the barmaids dropped Teric's name - among a few others. He, however, hasn't really pursued the issue, happy enough in being raised alongside the other kidlets at the little hold.
Naturally one of the more studious types, Ulaon would participate in the play of the other children, but tended to prefer the more intellectual activities. He has never been fully at ease in large groups, though, by virtue of his upbringing, can usually muddle his way through such situations.
Inspired by his brushes with, and affinity for, the random animals about the hold, Ulaon decided around the age of thirteen that he'd like to go apprentice with the Herder hall. After he turned 15, he was packed off.

Uloan is from SeaCliffs, originally, and knows a whole lot more about fish and boats than he'd like to admit. Bastard son of a barmaid, he also is fairly familiar with the workings of pubs. Despite all that, he's wound up at herder due to an affection for animals, and a general desire to go somewhere new. He vacillates between being quiet and not entirely confident, and making really bad jokes. He's got a soft spot for canines, and a good energy for working with them. And finally, he really likes poetry, though so far seems to have done fairly well at hiding his books of it under his pillow, in his rucksack, or what-have-you.


Name Relation Location Position
Sulana Mother SeaCliffs Barmaid
Teric Father Smithhall Former CraftMaster


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