Broad-shouldered, long-legged, and beanpole-thin - the impression is that of a well-built but unfinished frame, filled in with sinew instead of muscle. He has brown eyes, a long nose, and dishwater-blond hair cropped short enough not to leave fringe flapping in his face; he is fair-skinned but ferociously freckled. He stands nearly 6', a fact that his habitual slouch does little to hide, and the gangly knees-and-elbows look to him only emphasizes his coltish awkwardness.
His clothes are tellingly plain but practical. He wears a light linen shirt, dark blue, cuffed a bit too short at the wrists but well tailored otherwise; his black pants are long enough through the leg but too large at the hip, held up by a black wherhide belt. Boots are scuffed and brown, under the grime, with laces nearly frayed with age and use.


Vostarik's family is Igenite; they have a small cotholding in the desert, and Vos, the youngest of four sons, has just now left home. His oldest brother is being groomed to take over the cothold; the next oldest is a rider at Igen Weyr; Vestian, the third brother, was a senior apprentice at the old Herder Hall in Keroon, one of the many who perished in the recent dorm fire.
In spite of this tragedy (and his mother's hysterical refusal to let him go), or perhaps because of it, Vostarik has decided he too wants to join the Herders as they recoup their losses in High Reaches. Accepted into the Craft as Journeyman Rhaenyra's first mentee, he lasted through a traumatic trip to Ista Weyr and a few months of being shipwrecked on an island before he was Searched to High Reaches Weyr. His stay there made the trip to Ista look like a beach vacation (which, well, it was), but half a Turn of candidate servitude later, he found himself Impressed to blue Svitelloth.


Name Relation Location Position
Eskia mother Igen Hold cotholder
Vastron father Igen Hold cotholder
Evaron brother Igen Hold
E'rin brother Igen Weyr wingrider
Vestian brother Herder (deceased)


bronze Hero
green Totter
blue Casp



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